The dominant mega trend of digitization opens vast potentials to increase efficiency in production and supply chain management despite the growing linkages of complex processes. The IMX Digitals provide a wide range of innovative tools addressing key issues of both fields to operationalize the full potential of process digitization.

DX Lab

Starting in recent years, the INSTITUTE FOR MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE has established the innovative capability as a third pillar complementing our core expertise in production management and logistics to allow a holistic approach to take on our customer’s present challenges. By founding the Digital eXcellence Lab (DX Lab) in the heart of Berlin’s pulsating start-up scene, we pool our digitization strategies with our innovative IMX Digitals to form an implementation-orientated competence center. Our DX Lab gladly assists you with developing focus fields for your digitization approaches in a competent and fast manner or provides detailed information on the specific solutions of our Digitals.

Our Digitals

Supply Chain Monitor

The growing complexity of interdependences within supply chains result in various risks which need to be anticipated in the context of supply chain risk management. These exceptional risks are detected by the IMX Supply Chain Monitor at an early stage. Our Monitor analyses worldwide short messages in real-time to ensure incident tracking in a timely manner.

Economic Trend Outlook Model

The corporate analysis and macroeconomic forecast provides planning reliability in times of highly volatile conditions. The Economic Trend Outlook Model (ETOM) identifies leading market indicators that periodically correlate with company sales. It provides customized sales forecasts up to 36 months to support your budgeting process.


Due to the growing number of involved players within supply chains, complete tracking along the supply chains is only possible at considerable effort. That‘s where EasyTrace comes into play by using smartphones to collect consignment data. Given the wide spread of devices, the app ensures entensive real-time tracking.


The IMX Quick Check is a service provided to support customers in identifying potential for improvement and pave the way towards manufacturing excellence. The analysis report is put into graphs and complemented by an expert discussion.

Digital eXcellence Check

The Digital eXcellence Check gives you a holistic overview of the status quo of digitization in your company. The scientifically founded questions consider the six core areas of a company, which are significantly influenced by the digital transformation.


Der IMX Quick Check ist ein Service zur Identifizierung und Analyse unternehmensweiter Verbesserungspotenziale. Anhand eines zeiteffizienten Fragebogens lassen sich unternehmensspezifische Potenziale quantitativ darstellen und bilden damit eine fundierte Grundlage für weiterführende Expertengespräche.