The digital transformation as a dominant mega trend offers a myriad of potentials to design production and logistics efficiently even with an increasing interconnection. The IMX Digitals offer a range of innovative tools, that target the core issues of both disciplines to operationalize specifically the capabilities of process digitizing.


The Supply Chain Monitor is a valuable component in the framework of global supply chain risk management. Potential risks and impacts of events are anticipated with the help of real-time analysis of information impulses across the world in order to enable a quick response to critical incidents.


The realistic visualization of materials flows, incorporating processes, infrastructure, vehicles, load carriers and people, is a powerful support in the design and optimization of logistics systems. Risks of miscalculations and the negligence of relevant aspects can be minimized, the virtual comparison of variants can be realized with minimum time and effort. Furthermore, the 3D imaging on VR glasses can support decision making, the identification of bottlenecks and the commitment of affected personnel.


The Innovation Radar, with its prime focus on the production and logistics sectors, supports companies in identifying new scopes of activity by quantifying their potential. This tool enables companies to transparently gauge and monitor developments related to digital transformations and provides a platform for a flexible management of these developments, allowing companies to stay one step ahead of the competition.


In transport networks with variable routing and a large number of different actors, reliable transparency of a shipment’s status usually cannot be achieved without extensive investment in IT interfaces. In opposite to most track&trace systems, which require precisely defined tracking points, EasyTrace makes use of mobile devices such as smartphones to gather and transmit relevant status data of the interesting consignment in real time – everywhere and anytime. An easy-to-use process cares for the interest of the different parties involved and creates win-win-situations.


In a world of growing volatility, increasing individualization and unreliable forecasts, the demand for companies has grown to react fast and flexible on changes of demand and/or supply. Demand Driven MRP provides a new approach to inventory planning and control and strives for securing the availability of products and materials, at an optimized stock level. The method can be applied throughout the whole supply chain for purchased, manufactured and distributed items.