The development of its employees is of great significance to the INSTITUTE FOR MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE (IMX). Diverse qualification courses and an individual mentoring and networking program enrich the technical and personal advancement of our consultants ensuring immaculate project quality and customer satisfaction.


New employees at IMX are introduced to the internal company processes and basics of high quality project work during a standardized onboarding process. After the induction phase, customized trainings and qualification modules, that are derived from actual project work, are provided to our consultants to facilitate their technical and personal development.

Our four-module training concept allows a variety of specialized trainings, with the emphasis being on the practicality of the courses. The IMX training program relies both on our internal know-how as well as the expertise of our external training partners. This results in a transfer of knowledge from experienced consultants to our younger employees, with external knowledge sources also playing an important role in the continuous development of the IMX team.


IMX maintains excellent contacts with counterparts in the fields of science and industry. This extensive network is at the disposal of our employees, which we encourage our employees to use as a platform for intensive exchange in a relaxed atmosphere. The combined mentoring and networking program pursues the objective of bringing our consultants in contact with relevant experts and experienced industry managers, in order to promote knowledge transfer and support their technical and personal growth.


The core strength of IMX is represented by the employees themselves, the majority of whom have spent a large part of their professional careers in executive positions in the German industry having successfully tackled the most complex of challenges. This experience is an invaluable asset to converting plans for success into actual success stories. These industry experts work closely with our young consultants on exciting yet demanding customer projects. By means of a structured project onboarding and the principle of learning-by-doing, new employees can quickly assume responsible roles in the organization. In addition, our internal projects provide precious insights into important background activities. This combination enables our employees to gain new perspectives and realize their full potential.