The collaboration between experienced top managers, industry experts and dynamic young consultants creates a unique team spirit at the INSTITUTE FOR MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE (IMX), which allows us to offer our customers innovative solutions to complex problems.


Our selected group of executive consultants combines over 100 years of experience in top management positions and includes chairmen of the board of directors of MDAX-companies, directors of production and plant heads. Our executive consultants support our clients in the design and alignment of production and logistics systems and assist in securing their long-term success.


In order to achieve utmost customer satisfaction while fulfilling our own expectations of excellence, we ensure that our projects are managed by proven experts from industry. Our team of senior consultants and project managers bring years of practical knowledge and know-how with them that enable our project teams to tackle the most complex of challenges. From classic process optimization projects to integrating the latest digital technologies, we offer our clients high-quality consulting services for their individual needs.


One of the aspects that constitutes to an exciting work environment at IMX is the collaboration between experienced consultants – with years of active management of production and logistics related projects – and dynamic graduates as well as young professionals in the beginning phase of their respective careers. This construct brings different generations and impulses together and allows an active and exciting exchange of ideas between engineers and economists that enables us to develop creative yet practical solutions for our clients. The young professionals at IMX bring feature a distinct blend of skills and specializations that, together with their enthusiasm and creative-thinking, play an extremely important role in the success of our organization