The portfolio of successfully completed projects at the INSTITUTE FOR MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE (IMX) encompasses a multitude of topics in the fields of production, logistics and innovation. The strategic orientation of our projects is primarily derived from the strategic targets and goals of our customers.


Our experience in the automotive sector comprises not only a variety of process optimization projects in the fields of product development, production and logistics, but also specialized topics such as series launch projects, integrated planning and control models and digital tools in supply chain risk management. Our project partners include a wide range of OEMs as well as their suppliers.

Some of our successful projects in this industry featured the creation of a controlling and management concept for vehicle assembly for a renowned OEM, which we also implemented in the pilot series. As part of a separate project for an automotive supplier, we were able to prove our well-founded expertise in logistics by redesigning their integrated planning and control models. In the course of a creative workshop, we were able to combine the synergies of our competencies in logistics and innovation in order to design a Europe-wide logistic strategy for our client. Our extensive experience in large-scale production enables us to adapt and develop concepts that are also valid for small-scale and special vehicle production.


The subjects of our successful projects in the field of machine building stretch from the application of FLEAN methodology in production and logistics, the establishment of holistic management systems for an efficient order processing to the identification and implementation of measures for increasing productivity.

As part of a project dealing with the management of production for a special machine tools building company, we optimized the assembly processes considering the overall order processing. In a different project, we adjusted the delivery strategy of a company producing precision machines to enable a swift and effective reaction to volatile customer requirements. We achieved this by carrying out a thorough validation of the Europe-wide logistics concept of our client. IMX also takes on classic tasks such as the implementation of group-wide CIP structures, which we regularly enrich with innovative solutions.


Technology companies face a wide range of challenges and demands. The promotion of innovative technologies and further development of existing systems is, therefore, of utmost importance for players in this sector to secure their long-term competitiveness. Our cross-industry benchmarking projects create a solid framework for the continuous exchange of best practices.

Besides the efficiency optimization of interdisciplinary processes, we support our clients from the technology sector by providing individual solutions for their product development processes. Furthermore, we model intelligent digital concepts that enable our project partners to secure their future innovation strategy.


Ricarda Kusch

managing director at Kusch+Co

“The IMX team sustained optimizing our internal processes to become even better. This included measures to enhance efficiency and a layout restructuring as well as optimizations of the product portfolio. Significant improvements in procurement complemented the project. Success was ensured by the good cooperation between IMX and our employees.”

Oliver Schubert

board member at DORMA until January 2016

“IMX connects the processes with the people behind them and knows how to work hand in hand with our employees to make a difference. Change must come from within and this partnership really helped us to emerge strengthened from these changes.”

Michael Berger

Senior Vice President Logistics at Schaeffler

“At the collaboration with IMX, I appreciate the professional competence and the reliability of the consultants, which lead to precise, well-founded results. On the other hand, IMX concepts can be considered holistically, taking into account current findings and a lot of experience. That´s not just effective but also fun.”