The INSTITUTE FOR MANUFACTURING EXCELLENCE (IMX) was founded in 2012 with its headquarters in Martinsried near Munich. As a result of continuous growth, IMX has since expanded its presence, with offices currently located in the important economic regions of Munich, Cologne and Berlin.


The IMX headquarters is located in Martinsried, south-west of Munich. The headquarters serves as the competence center for production management. In order to pool various interlinked fields of expertise, IMX formed the House Of Management Excellence (H-O-M-E) in early 2017 with its cooperation partners PICA, Production Management Institute (PMI) and the non-profit association Manufacturing Excellence (MX).


The IMX competence center for logistics is located in the city of Gummersbach, which lies in close proximity to the crucial industrial region of Cologne-Düsseldorf. The office in Gummersbach is responsible for developing innovative concepts and products to tackle the wide-ranging challenges encountered in the field of logistics for fulfilling the needs of our partners.


The third IMX office is situated in the center of Berlin at the heart of the start-up hub of the german capital. Being the competence center for innovation management, the location of our newest chapter is ideal. In addition to consulting activities, the Berlin office focusses on developing innovative solutions and products within the context of digital transformation, thereby supporting and complementing our consultancy services.