One of the priorities of the INSTITUTE FOR MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE (IMX) since its founding in 2012 is the promotion and support of young people and social projects.


IMX supports the team around Pietro Perolini from the Marco Antonelli Racing Team in the current season of the Super GT Cup in the Italian Gran Turismo Championship. We wish him every success with his Lamborghini Huracan.

Furthermore IMX supports the extra-curricular development of young academics by promoting promising projects and initiatives. One such example is the project FaSTTUBe, the Formula Student team comprised of committed and talented engineers from the Technical University of Berlin. The students have been conceptualizing, developing, producing and testing new racing cars yearly since 2005, to participate in events such as Formula Student. Presently, this project occupies over 20 motivated students of all technical backgrounds.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Raimund Klinkner regularly operates at the interface between science and industry. As an honorary professor at the Technical University of Berlin, he teaches students the fundamentals and challenges of diverse topics in the fields of production and logistics. Another example of our active promotion of young academics is through the support that we extend to the Iona College in New York, USA.


In addition to promoting young talent, along with our voluntary engagement in the field of education, IMX regularly supports social projects and initiatives for improving future prospects of people around the world.
Due to the combination of social commitment and logistics, the support of the Humanitarian Logistics Organization (HLO) was a natural calling for IMX. The non-profit organization provides assistance in the field of logistics by executing and optimizing challenging logistical activites all over the world.
With personal connections to the field of engineering, our contribution to the organization Engineers without Borders is of great significance to us. The objective of this private non-profit organization is the long-term improvement of living conditions of underprivileged and disadvantaged people.
IMX is grateful for the voluntary service and the extraordinary commitment of the aforementioned organizations.