Nothing is as constant as the change and at the latest in times of Corona, organization and people must, can or may deal with a new orientation that is suitable and convincing for them. Change in itself is not an end in itself but rather the actual transformation to achieve and expand a new, better status quo.

Change Expert

Simone Cortellaro

Simone Cortellaro

As an internationally trained graduate in business administration and after studying psychology, Simone gained profound international marketing & sales, leadership and reorganization expertise in a DAX 30 corporate before she became a Change Consultant and Executive Coach. She develops and leads large scale change management programs and coaches top management executives. In a nutshell, it is always about listening and feeling the topics of people and organizations and to support necessary actions with an appropriate communication style.
As TV presenter Simone produced her own German TV Show and created the international production Inspire Tomorrow in which she interviews and talks with experts and role models in management, technology and society.
Moreover, Simone is a lecturer in rhetoric at the University of Mannheim and board member in a finance company.


Tool for company-wide surveys and analyzes in the context of change management.

Real-time processing of all participants and evaluation of the results

Integration of different change management methods

Change Consulting

In addition to a smart strategy & clear vision for the transformation of an organization, real change needs the deep conviction of the employees. Very often the idea prevails in change processes that only appropriate communication makes the desired transformation processes possible. In fact, however, successful and sustainable development requires the motivation and commitment of employees. A smart, empathetic change management program that is interlinked with all structural changes contributes exactly to this and enables the implementation of strategic goals in a sustainable and measurable way.

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Change Coaching

The desire for personal development through coaching is the right one. Executives and managers at all levels today are no longer only responsible for the administration of companies and departments, but also for successfully navigating through times of strong change. Changes always start with us first. Once we have understood how to bring about real change by alternating between emotions and development and by establishing a clear attitude and convincing communication, this can be transferred to ourselves, to our fellow human beings and to the entire organization.

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Pivot Point Theory

In a clearly structured and at the same time emotional development workshop for individuals and teams, the strengths and potentials of the people involved, but also the issues that are pending or to be adopted, and an efficient and prioritized distribution of tasks are worked out. In the end, the answer to the question in the room is: “How am I or how are we most successful as a team”.

  • Managementwissen wird in Workshops strukturiert bearbeitet
  • Inhaltliche und emotionale Themen von Teams werden durchgespielt, gesammelt und neu sortiert nach:
    • Wichtigkeit
    • Herangehensweise
    • Teamzusammensetzung
    • Art und Weise der Zusammenarbeit

Change Inspiration


Interviews & Digital Talks with experts and role models from management, technology and society.