Since its founding, the segment of operations has been the core area of the INSTITUTE FOR MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE. Within the entire range of production and logistics, IMX supports its clients to become even more successful. “IMX Operations” provides assistance by designing and developing optimized production systems and structures for single plants or production networks, ranging from a planning to an operational scope. In addition, integrated planning and developing of flows of goods and information within logistic networks across departments and plants are critical to success to allow our clients’ value creation to be responsive and efficient.

Operations Excellence Check

The Operational Excellence (OX) Check gives you a full performance-related analysis of your company. We identify the performance capacity of your core departments using systematic questions based on scientifically sound questionnaires. Given your company’s individual constraints, we present clustered recommended action that hold the biggest potential to maintain and strengthen your competitiveness. By investing only a few hours, you will be able to take full advantage of our extensive management experience as well as our proven methods and tools.

Transparency provided regarding your company culture and their future efficiency

Gap-to-target analysis given your corporate objectives

Recommended action for improving operational processes


At the core of every value chain system lies production in its many forms – with regard to individual companies as well as complete production networks. Our aim is to strengthen the success of your company through conception, design and optimization of production structures and processes both on planning and operational levels.

LEAN Management

Shopfloor Management

Productivity Management

Production Systems


Logistics encompasses planning, realization, monitoring and control of material and information flows in inter- and intra-company networks. We help create transparent processes and structures with the aim of ensuring a highly responsive and efficient value addition.

Inventory Management

Supplier Management

Logistics Systems

Integrated Planning And Control


The portfolio of successfully completed projects at the INSTITUTE FOR MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE (IMX) encompasses a multitude of topics in the fields of production, logistics and innovation. The strategic orientation of our projects is primarily derived from the strategic targets and goals of our customers.

Automotive Industry

Machine Building Industry

Technology Industry

Thats what our customers say

“The IMX team sustained optimizing our internal processes to become even better. This included measures to enhance efficiency and a layout restructuring as well as optimizations of the product portfolio. Significant improvements in procurement complemented the project. Success was ensured by the good cooperation between IMX and our employees.”

“IMX connects the processes with the people behind them and knows how to work hand in hand with our employees to make a difference. Change must come from within and this partnership really helped us to emerge strengthened from these changes.”

“At the collaboration with IMX, I appreciate the professional competence and the reliability of the consultants, which lead to precise, well-founded results. On the other hand, IMX concepts can be considered holistically, taking into account current findings and a lot of experience. That´s not just effective but also fun.”